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  Going Green
Going green is the perfect way to encompass style, efficiency and healthy living. Gone are the days of harsh chemically treated flooring, today your home or office can honor both your environment and your pocketbook! 
Flooring’s harsh past…

Older carpeting often contains pads and glues that release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The key to replacing old flooring materials is to locate new materials that are safer for your environment. Carpeting or flooring materials made from recycled or renewable resources are a viable option. When searching for greener solutions avoid carpets that contain adhesives which can emit volatile compounds that affect air qulity. When feasible, use carpet tiles made with renewable fibers such as wool, hemp, cotton, jute and sisal. It’s often simpler and more eco‐friendly to replace single tiles versus wall to wall carpeting. When installing new carpet consider tacking carpet versus gluing, not only does it reduce exposure to glue/chemicals but carpet removal is simpler and there’s less waste.
Flooring Options

With a variety of options to choose from, there are still pros and cons associated with each type of material. Understanding these pros and cons is essential in choosing the carpet or flooring solution that is right for you.
If organic carpeting isn’t feasible and you must go with synthetic flooring, locate products that have been treated using mild chemicals or dyes to ensure you’re contributing to a safer, healthier environment.

When it’s ‘out with the old ‐ in with the new’ try to recycle old materials. Cutting back on post consumer waste saves valuable space in landfills and protects the environment. Recycled flooring that is not severely damaged or chemically volatile can be reused in a variety of ways. If carpeting is in good shape, share it with someone in need, make new doormats for outdoor/indoor walkways, place carpet scraps under your tires to protect the garage floor, or pad the trunk of your vehicle when transporting heavy items. Save scraps for a variety of uses ‐ the possibilities are endless!
When it comes to your environment the contributions you make by choosing eco‐friendly materials for your home or your office will last a lifetime. A green solution is the perfect way to make a difference.
For additional tips on ‘going green’, or to discuss a variety of eco‐friendly flooring materials, Contact us today!